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Oily Skin And Acne Treatments in Henley on Thames,

Acneic skins can produce far too much oil and have a rapid growth of skin cells which result in enlarged visible pores.


These pores subsequently become clogged with Dry Skinthis excess natural oil (called sebum) and dead skin cells. This provides a perfect breeding ground for feeding acne bacteria, leading to redness, inflammation, blackheads and painful whiteheads.


Acne can affect any of us at any time in our lives. It can be embarrassing for all age groups, perhaps even more so when we have grown out of the teenage years. This skin condition can seriously lower self esteem and damage confidence levels.




Over the counter products can be far too aggressive on a troubled and sensitised skin. Thanks to clinical dermatology research and skin technology advancements, excellent results can now be found without stripping and damaging the skin. If the correct combination of MediGrade home care skin products is administered acneic skins can be quite literally transformed.  

A full consultation on our MediGrade 'Medik8' skin care will be essential to improving your skin from home.



If the skin is very congested it is advisable to have a treatment called Hydra-Dermabrasion to decongest, detoxify and resurface the skin.  This treatment uses a powerful combination of serums and suction to soften and remove the acne impurities resulting a cleaner, calmer complexion.

Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the ingredients such as Salicylic acid, Peels can also be fantastic at resurfacing, soothing and decongesting acneic skins.

Treatment protocols are specifically tailored to your individual skin needs after a full and comprehensive consultation and assessment.


PRICES (starting from)

  Hydra-dermabrasion Treatment:
1 session £105
6 sessions £599


Starting at £295

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