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Frown Lines Treatments in Henley on Thames, Oxfordshire

Dry Skin

Frown lines or "character lines" are terms referring to the wrinkles that begin to form on your forehead and between your eyes when you reach your thirties.


They may show earlier for people who don't take good care of their skin and later for those who do. Either way, the lines are all but unavoidable as the quality of the skin depletes. The good news is that there are several treatments that are proven to be highly effective at reducing or removing them available at The Better Skin Clinic.


HOW CAN I TREAT FROWN LINES? (click on highlighted treatments for detailed info)


Muscle relaxing injections (e.g Botox/ Azzalure/ Bocouture/ Dysport) 



Medik8 Retinol medi-grade skin care for home use (18 week course minimum).



There is no recovery associated with Botox treatment, however peels and dermaroller may take a little longer to settle (approx 2 days) but makeup may be worn to conceal any pinkness to the area.

It is important to have a full assessment and consultation with the nurse prior to any treatments so that the best treatment plan can be decided upon, achieving the best results for you.


starts at £150.00
Price includes consultation and a 2 week post treatment review
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